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Zoom Travel From Home Marquetry Bookend
Zoom Travel From Home Marquetry Bookend
Zoom Travel From Home Marquetry Bookend
Zoom Travel From Home Marquetry Bookend
Zoom Travel From Home Marquetry Bookend

Travel From Home Marquetry Bookend


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Travel From Home Marquetry Bookend



Made in Italy, the Travel From Home Marquetry Bookend is a marvel of design and craftsmanship. Made of different types of unique wood, the sleek exterior uses the centuries-old technique of marquetry. The design features a series of inlaid icons from Assouline’s Travel From Home Collection: Each hand-carved wood veneer is sanded meticulously to achieve the desired coloring and shading before being inlaid with great precision and care. The bottom of each bookend is adorned with Italian leather.

The Assouline appreciation for craftsmanship and respect for traditional techniques shines through in the marquetry bookend, making it an exquisite companion to your library.


Made in Italy, the Marquetry Bookend is a masterpiece born from centuries-old craftsmanship. Artisans select and delicately arrange wood veneers, each possessing a unique color, grain and texture. These veneers are expertly shaped and assembled to create intricate, captivating designs. To protect this creation, the base is inlaid with a rich Italian leather, ensuring your books stand elegantly supported by this timeless work of art.Assouline’s celebration of storytelling and appreciation for traditional techniques shine through in the Marquetry Bookend, making it an exquisite accessory for your library.To maintain the pristine condition of your bookend, wipe it regularly with a dry cloth to remove dust and maintain its lustrous finish. Please refrain from using chemical cleaners, as they may harm the delicate surface. Additionally, to ensure its enduring beauty for years to come, avoid exposing it to extreme humidity.


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  • Marquetry wood adorned with Italian leather
  • UPC: 882664008031
  • W 9.8 x L 22.9 x H 9.8 cm
  • 2.0 lbs.



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