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Gucci Places

Exclusive: Gucci Places for Maison Assouline

Maison Assouline is pleased to be the first Gucci Place in London and is proud to reflect the taste and values peculiar to the Gucci House. The Gucci Place initiative is designed to invite people to explore locations around the world that have inspired the world famous fashion House. To mark the occasion, an exclusive selection of products, based on those in Gucci’s Courrier collection, is being created as part of the Gucci Places initiative. Special patches inspired by Maison Assouline have been developed and will feature on the products, which will be available for purchase exclusively at Maison Assouline.
For order inquiries and prices, please contact Maison Assouline London at
+ 44 (0) 20 3327 9370.

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Gucci Courrier duffle bag

Gucci Courrier drawstring backpack

Gucci Courrier backpack

Gucci Courrier pouch

Gucci Courrier zip around wallet

Gucci Courrier card case

Gucci Courrier iPhone case

Gucci Courrier iPhone case